The BRIDGE Tool assessment consists of four key components:

  1. Methodology: The full methodology describes the assessment and scoring process. This document provides a comprehensive overview of the assessment and scoring process. It guides users on how to conduct  the evaluation and interpret its results. You can access the methodology here.
  2. Questionnaire: The BRIDGE tool contains a set of questions designed to assess the maturity of gender data systems. These questions are categorized into the five dimensions of the maturity model. Each dimension includes a series of questions with corresponding responses representing different maturity levels. Optional additional questions are also available to further qualify answers. Access the questionnaire here
  3. Scoring Form: Responses from the questionnaire are recorded and analyzed using an Excel worksheet. This tool aids respondents in gaining insights into the current maturity level of their gender data system and facilitates the identification of  priority areas for improvement. Access the scoring form here
  4. Radar Graph: The radar graph visually represents the maturity levels of the gender data system across the five dimensions. This graph helps stakeholders grasp the overall strengths and weaknesses of their system and provides a quick snapshot of its status.

For additional information about the project and for questions about any of the products above, please contact Lorenz Noe and Tawheeda Wahabzada at Open Data Watch.