Suggest a Resource

We are all working to integrate gender into our health data to improve health outcomes. Has there been a resource that you’ve turned to for guidance in your work? If so, this is the place to suggest it to your colleagues. 

Tell us what the resource is, what it covers, and how it can advance the work of Data for Health partners. We’ll review it and if it’s a good fit, we will make it available on the site as a recommended resource. Thank you in advance for sharing your expertise. 

NOTE: You can submit resources in your preferred language. 

  • Related to gender integration in health data
  • From the last 15 years
  • Something you’ve read and used in your Data for Health work
  • Authored by a reputable source (ie The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's Gender Equality Toolbox or IDRC’s Knowledge Briefs on Gender and CRVS)
  • Preferred formats: Toolkit, Report, Brief, White Paper, Infographic, Data Visualization
  • Available as a download or web link