This seminar first aired live on May 4th, 2022


Michelle Kaufman, PhD, Gender Equity Unit Lead, Data for Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health 


  • Chrystie Swiney, JD, MA, MPhil, Associate Director & Legal Adviser, Data for Health, Global Health Advocacy Incubator (GHAI) 
  • Hadijah Namyalo, Legal Consultant, Global Health Advocacy Incubator, Uganda 
  • Olga Joos, DrPH, RN, Senior Technical Advisor, Global CRVS Team, CDC Foundation 
  • Aaron Schwid, JD, Director of Public Health Law, Vital Strategies 
  • Sophia San Luis, Executive Director of ImagineLaw, the Philippines 

This seminar introduces the Civil Registries and Vital Statistics (CRVS) Legal Review process and then provides an overview of three equity-themed chapters in GHAI’s CRVSID Legal Toolkit: Women and Children, Equal Access for LGBTI Individuals, and Stillbirth Reporting. We hear reflections of legal review in practice from the field in Uganda, the Solomon Islands, the Philippines, the Maldives, Papua New Guinea, and Pakistan. 

A strong CRVS legal framework is key to ensuring that all individuals, especially those in marginalized communities – such as women, girls, and sexual and gender minorities – can live meaningful lives, realize their human rights, and be protected against exploitative actions by others. A strong CRVS legal framework that aligns with international best practices is an essential way to begin to promote and establish gender equity. The law is what ensures that people of all genders and sexualities have equal access to services linked to CRVS systems, which are essential to realizing one’s human rights and meaningful participation in one’s community, and ultimately improved health outcomes.