These Guidelines have been prepared by UN ESCAP in 2022 as part of their Get Everyone in the Picture campaign. This downloadable manual was created to support national statistical offices, Ministries of Health, and other relevant government and non-government agencies to better estimate the completeness of civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS) systems, in particular, the completeness of birth and death registration.

The Guidelines are arranged thematically. Chapter 2 begins with a discussion on the general approach to estimating completeness of civil registration data. Chapter 3 explains methodologies for adjusting the numerator to account for delayed registration. Chapter 4 then explores the estimation of completeness of birth registration data, and Chapter 5, death registration data. Wherever possible, the material is supplemented by spreadsheets that implement the methods described or with links to other resources that will allow practitioners to derive estimates without requiring a detailed knowledge of the underlying statistical procedures involved in producing these estimates.

Download the report: