This CEDAW report provides insight on the femicide crisis and gender-based violence in Mexico. It documents how deficiencies in data collection, analysis, and legal enforcement allow these human rights violations to persist unchecked.  

Inconsistent, non-disaggregated data from government sources make it impossible to grasp the true scale of violence against women. Major gaps exist, with limited tracking of cases, murders, protection orders and missing persons. This data void enables impunity and inaction. Likewise, progressive laws against gender violence have lacked effective implementation, with barriers obstructing justice at every level.  

The report makes clear the need for vast improvements in measurement, reporting, and accountability to combat discrimination and ensure women’s safety in Mexico. It underscores how quality, comprehensive gender data is foundational to enacting policies that meet the needs of women. Likewise, proper enforcement of protections for women requires political will and a systemic approach. Finally, this report provides a roadmap of specific reforms needed across data systems, legal frameworks, and institutions to uphold the human rights and lives of women.

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