CARE’s Rapid Gender Analysis Toolkit provides guidance for humanitarian organizations to quickly understand gender roles and needs within a crisis-affected population. It outlines methodology to gather information on gender issues in the first phases of emergency response operations. This includes assessing how pre-existing inequalities and vulnerabilities may put certain groups at further risk. 

Conducting this type of accelerated gender analysis helps inform strategic planning and critical response decisions. Key benefits include identifying priority needs and access barriers faced by women, girls and other at-risk groups; adapting distributions and messaging to mitigate identified risks; effective targeting based on gender-specific vulnerabilities; and accountability markers to monitor differential impacts by gender throughout operations. Having this evidence base early allows gender considerations to be systematically integrated across all areas of humanitarian action.

Overall, CARE’s toolkit provides best practices for rapidly gathering and applying gender insights for protection and equitable, dignity-driven emergency assistance even with limited time and data initially. 

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