gender based violence

Femicide and Impunity in Mexico: A context of structural and generalized violence

This CEDAW report provides insight on the femicide crisis and gender-based violence in Mexico. It documents how deficiencies in data collection, analysis, and legal enforcement allow these human rights violations to persist unchecked.   Inconsistent, non-disaggregated data from government sources make it impossible to grasp the true scale of violence against women. Major gaps exist, with […]

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Analysis of Deaths Due to Gender-Based Violence: An Autopsy-based Cross-sectional Study from Mumbai

Gender-based violence is a global crisis with femicide or death being the most brutal culmination of the act. Femicide is a harrowing reminder of the persistent and deep-rooted inequalities and prevalent social misogyny. As per UNODC and UN WOMEN report on ‘Gender-related killings of women and girls 2022’, globally one woman or girl is being […]

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