Final Report: ConVERGE Colombia

The primary objective of this activity, as part of the ConVERGE project, was to improve the processes for monitoring and ensuring the quality of vital statistics in Colombia by developing a Power BI dashboard to track the quantities and frequencies of birth and death variables. In conjunction with DANE, a proposal for multi-phase strengthening was […]

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ConVERGE: Integrating Gender, Leveraging Censuses, and Building a Culture of Vital Statistics

This technical report summarizes the activities, results and lessons learned from Phase 1 of the ConVERGE (“Connecting Vital Events Registration and Gender Equality”) Initiative. Phase 1 of this initiative, which was conducted from March 2019 until April 2021, was supported by IDRC’s Centre of Excellence on CRVS Systems via a grant (Integrating Gender, Leveraging Population […]

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Seminar Recording: Why Gender Data Matters in Public Health

This seminar first aired live January 28th, 2022.  Speakers:  Gender norms and stereotypes affect not only our health needs, exposure to health risks, and health-seeking behavior, but are also inextricably linked to health systems affecting how healthcare is delivered, the quality of care provided, who has access to it, how it is financed, as well […]

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