Solutions to Close Gender Data Gaps report cover

Solutions to Close Gender Data Gaps

This report and the accompanying Gender Data Solutions Inventory document innovative solutions that have emerged in the last five years. An analysis of the inventory points to priority actions that policymakers, advocates, funders, and data producers can take to increase the availability and use of gender data at the local, national, and international levels.  Data […]

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Advancing Gender Data Stats in Africa report cover

Advancing Gender Data and Statistics in Africa

The report highlights a range of activities pursued by the Gender Data Network (GDN) in Africa relating to data production and curation, as well as data communications and use. It finds that, for a network still in its comparative infancy, the GDN has had a sizeable impact in the field of gender data across Africa. […]

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Seminar Recording: Gender Analysis in Health Data

This seminar first aired live on April 21st, 2022. Moderator: Vidhi Maniar, Data for Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Speakers:  Seminar Synopsis: This seminar provides an overview of what gender analysis in health data means and methods to apply gender analyses to large health datasets. The focus is on the differences between […]

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Seminar Recording: Key Ingredients for Driving Gender Equity in Health Data

This seminar first aired live on February 25, 2022. Moderator: Dr. Michelle Kaufman, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health   Speakers:  Dr. Johanna Riha, Research Fellow in Gender and Health Hub, UNU-IIGH, Malaysia  Dr. Purna Sen, Visiting Professor, Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit, London Metropolitan University  Dr. Rohini Prabha Pande, Senior Health Specialist, World […]

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