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South American woman selling at the market

Patchy signals: Capturing women’s voices in mobile phone surveys of rural India

In this article, the authors examine the challenges faced by women in rural India in accessing and utilizing mobile technology, especially mobile phone surveys. The authors discuss the socio-cultural barriers, such as male gatekeeping of technology and gender norms, that delay women’s access to mobile phones. This article also addresses the importance of privacy and […]

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ConVERGE: Integrating Gender, Leveraging Censuses, and Building a Culture of Vital Statistics

This technical report summarizes the activities, results and lessons learned from Phase 1 of the ConVERGE (“Connecting Vital Events Registration and Gender Equality”) Initiative. Phase 1 of this initiative, which was conducted from March 2019 until April 2021, was supported by IDRC’s Centre of Excellence on CRVS Systems via a grant (Integrating Gender, Leveraging Population […]

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