Gender Concepts

Seminar Recording: Why Gender Data Matters in Public Health

This seminar first aired live January 28th, 2022.  Speakers:  Gender norms and stereotypes affect not only our health needs, exposure to health risks, and health-seeking behavior, but are also inextricably linked to health systems affecting how healthcare is delivered, the quality of care provided, who has access to it, how it is financed, as well […]

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Differences between Sex Disaggregated Data and Gendered Health Data

Sex is a crucial determinant of health, and it has been proven that disease outcomes, occurrences, and health care needs differ for women and men. Sex disaggregated data are typically collected and analyzed in two biological categories: males and females, and then used to develop programs and policies to improve health outcomes.   However, sex disaggregated […]

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Key Concepts and Definitions related to Sex and Gender

Note from the Gender Equity UnitOur work is deeply motivated by a commitment to women and girls, in light of longstanding systemic discrimination and barriers which continue to affect their full participation and access to opportunity. We also combat discrimination and harmful gender norms that affect people of all genders: women and girls– including transgender […]

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