Attributes of an Effective Mentee

Mentee Description

As a professional working on the Data for Health Initiative funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies, you are eligible to receive mentorship from seasoned professionals with expertise in gender equity through the D4H Gender Equity Mentorship Program. As a mentee, you will be matched with a D4H Gender Equity mentor based on your career goals relevant to advancing gender equity in health data in your country.

What is expected of me as a Mentee?

You will meet with your assigned mentor for approximately 1-2 hours per month for the duration of one year. Meetings will be virtual (or in-person if feasible).

Your D4H Gender Equity mentor will provide you with information, resources, introductions to other colleagues, and social support in ways that meet your specific needs. Examples of this support may be encouraging you to attend a relevant workshop or conference, introducing you to a colleague to build social capital, helping you in your writing or publication skills, providing guidance on how to deal with supervisors or direct reports, addressing gender issues in the workplace, or listening and offering non-judgmental feedback about gender-related challenges in your career and/or personal life as they impact your career and efforts to integrate gender equity into your work.

To further strengthen your professional network, you will gain access to our peer mentorship network on Slack. Topic-specific channels will be developed where mentees can ask questions, share perspectives and resources, and connect with other mentees and mentors. This network will uniquely connect mentoring participants from across D4H countries, promoting cross-cultural discourse.

To be a successful mentee, we ask that you come with an open mind; ready to learn, grow, and be challenged; and be able to commit to the full scope of the program. On selection, we will share resources to help you embark on your mentorship journey.

What do I gain as a Mentee?

    Valuable gender-focused career advice to grow as a professional
    A confidential sounding board for ideas and challenges
    Insights and access to a mentor’s professional network
    Knowledge transfer
    Potential for career progression and promotion
    An understanding of your abilities and the impact of gender factors on your career

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