Level 2 Gender Neutral

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What does this mean?

Being Gender Neutral means that you construct your health data collection, analysis and use on principles of fairness – treating everyone the same way. Fairness is a positive value; however, it often ignores gender norms, roles and relations and so while fair, it is not equitable. Your health data may be reinforcing existing gender-based discrimination.

What are the next steps?

In order to move forward in your gender transformation journey from Gender Neutral to Gender Sensitive, your health data has to be framed within the context of gender norms, roles, and relations. The data will need to identify the differences in opportunities and resource allocation for women, men and non-binary people.  

Recommended resources for you

You can access this collection of materials to LEARN more about how gender norms, roles and relations affect the collection, analyses and use of health data. 

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