Gender Data Analysis Workshop
24-26 September 2024, Nairobi, Kenya


This Gender Data Analysis Workshop will support Data for Health government stakeholder teams as part of the Bloomberg Philanthropies Data for Health Initiative.

The workshop will build upon work done within the Data for Health projects related to gender and statistics, and other Data for Health work that would like to incorporate a gender lens. We will be working with CRVS and mortality data, and routine health information data from participating countries, and proxy datasets as needed, to analyze data and outline national and regional reports on gender disparities. Participants will produce a draft outline/template for a vital statistics or other national report with a gender lens after participating in the in-person workshop and virtual office hours with the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Gender Equity Unit team.

Learning Objectives

  1. Clarify and align on concepts of sex and gender in the context of health data and vital statistics
  2. Review minimum requirements of data analysis to be considered gender sensitive
  3. Understand methodologies to analyze death registration data, cause of death data (i.e., MCCOD, verbal autopsies), and routine health information systems and/or survey data with a gender lens
  4. Learn how to work with incomplete datasets to do a gender data analysis and identify gender data gaps
  5. Use results of analyses to create a draft outline for a vital statistics report with a gender lens or other national or regional report related to gender health inequities


A maximum of 5 country teams of 3-5 members will be selected to participate. Team members may come from a mix of government agencies (e.g., Ministry of Health, Ministry of Gender & Social Affairs, Ministry of Women’s Affairs, National Statistics Offices); scientific communications professionals (Public Health Bulletin staff, editors, etc.); D4H CRVS and Data Impact in-country coordinators; and/or collaborating civil society organizations (CSOs).

Teams should be composed of members who choose to work together on strengthening data analysis with a gender lens. It is optimal to have 3-5 participants per country team. At least one team member should have demonstrated experience of cleaning and analyzing routine health data.


The workshop will be led by the Gender Equity Unit at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and other D4H partners and relevant experts. During the three-day, in-person workshop, participants will have the opportunity to network with teams from other countries, discuss their projects and train on key concepts and skills relevant to their successful completion. Travel and other related costs for attending the workshop will be supported by the relevant in-country Data for Health partner (Vital Strategies, CDCF, GHAI, UNESCAP, UNECA, UNHCR).

Please note that this program and the in-person workshop will be conducted in English with simultaneous translation in French and Portuguese.

For more information

Please contact D4H Gender Equity Unit Senior Administrator Coordinator Rachael Durisin at

DEADLINE TO APPLY: MAY 15TH, 2024 (may be extended upon request)

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